Con of Futures Past
Cedar Rapids Doubletree - October 16-18, 2015

John Garner

Artist, Karaoke Show
John has been drawing and painting science fiction, space, and fantasy art all
his life. John discovered his first Science Fiction Convention in 1984. Since
then, he has won numerous awards and has been published in books and
magazines including TSR’s Dungeon Adventures Magazine, Starslayer gaming
module, "Cloud Kingdom Games", the book Fantasy Art Now + many others.
John and his wife’s (Denise Garner) work can be seen in many Convention Art
Shows across the country. You can sometimes even find him on a Panel at a
Convention, talking about art or helping with Demos. In his youth, trapped in
the wilderness 40 miles south of the middle of nowhere, he was amazed to win
Awards at a local Art Show known for their duck and crop art. John uses a
variety of mediums which including oils and watercolor but works primarily in
acrylics. He prefers to work on hardboard rather than canvas. You can also find
him hosting a karaoke room party!

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